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We offer service for clogged or smelly residential drains, sewer line repair, electric or gas hot water heaters, the installation of water softeners, water filtration systems, reverse osmosis systems, kitchen plumbing, bathroom plumbing and much more!

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There are many different types of Tempe plumbing needs and issues.

Our knowledgeable team of technicians provide every Tempe plumbing service you need. From fixing your sewage system and pipeline in case of water problems, to installing water heaters in your shower for your convenience. Our family-owned technicians can also consult you on your tankless water heater options.

They will determine if upgrading to a tankless water heater from your old tank water heater is an efficient and viable choice. We want our customers to be happy and comfortable.

Home Plumbing Inspections

Our home Plumbing inspection is recommended for new home buyers. It includes an all encompassing inspection of the plumbing system of your current or potential home.  We can help to identify and find any plumbing issues, concerns or areas of safety that have gone overlooked.

It’s also a great idea to know what’s happening with your home plumbing system and to make sure that your plumbing is in good health. Early detection can lead to less problems and less costs by addressing any plumbing repairs needed right away.

Tempe Water Filtration Systems

Have you ever turned on your faucet at home and either your water didn’t smell right or seemed to taste a little funny? That’s because often times when water is obtained from a municipal system (system that processes and treats water to meet drinking standards) it contains aluminum and fluoride, which will often give water a funny smell or slightly off taste. It has been said that consuming added fluoride and aluminum can lead to health concerns after prolonged use. There are many water filtration systems such as Novo & Halo water filtration. We can repair and replace any brand of water softener you might need for your home. Our plumbers will provide full options for the installation and replacement. Just call ahead to schedule! We have a truck in your area of Tempe.

Having a water filtration system installed in your home will allow you and your family to consume clean, fresh water without the added minerals and other toxins.

Tempe Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

We specialize in all Tempe, AZ, areas of plumbing, from residential to commercial plumbing, and can assure you that we offer the most knowledgeable, and comprehensive plumbing service. We provide repairs and replacements in all of Tempe and Phoenix.

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Drain Cleaning in Tempe, AZ

For only $49 with proper access, we’ll unclog any drain! If the problem is deeper than expected it might require more efforts from the Plumber technician and he can provide options at that point. We can unclog any drain!

We’ve served the valley for over 44 years since 1976, when our two founders met in church and began their mission from christ to repair and replace Plumbing for Arizona residents. We value your business and thank you for choosing us!

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Water Heater Repair & Replacement

We provide full service for the installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance of water heater system(s). Our plumbers are licensed bonded and insured to work on your water heater. Our services from parts to labor are 100% guaranteed. Contact us today to schedule a Plumber for water heaters in Tempe, AZ.