What kind of Plunger should I purchase?

There’s many different types of Plungers available today on the market. The question is, “What kind of Plunger should I purchase?” The answer is simple. First take a look at your toilet and determine the bowl size and the size of Plunger you should buy.

Next, think about signing up for a service partner plan with a local Plumber such as Christian Brothers: Plumbing immediately. If you’re looking to purchase a Plunger, they give a free plunger away with every service partner plan!

What are the benefits of a service partner plan for the Tempe homeowner?

This is a great question because you deserve to know why it’s important to establish a relationship with a trusted and local service provider.

If you sign-up for a Platinum plan you receive priority scheduling, repairs, and cheaper costs. An annual plan costs far less than a monthly plan, and you generally will pay no cost at all for maintenance and small repairs. It truly pays for itself to buy a partner agreement. Plus, the free plunger.

What kinds of Plungers exist? I’ve searched on Amazon.com for Plungers.

Professional Bellows Accordion Plunger for Max Thrusting Power

There are many types of modern and deluxe or freestanding tools for quickly unclogging simple drain clogs. One in particular that stands out is the Carlisle Ergonomic Power 22″ Plunger. We have especially liked this plunger in comparison to the suction power of other common plungers on the market.

The Bellows Accordion plunger can be useful for high thrust and pressure for small clogs. It’s high pressure thrust plunge can sometimes remove heavy duty clogs from a clogged bathroom toilet.

Product details:

  • Provides a more focused, powerful plunge than traditional toilet plungers, unclogging stubborn clogs
  • Bellow Plunger utilizes Water to aid in plunge, providing maximum plunging Power with minimal effort
  • The bellows plunger No fold in the lip design, minimizes residue providing easy cleaning
  • Suitable for all types of clogs and most toilet types – the bellows plunger is the ideal plunger
  • Works great on Kitchen sink drains as well as Toilets!

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